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Hall Doors are very secure when they are from the "Composite Range". The Composite Door is fast becoming the most popular door in our select range. It is one of the most secure doors on the market today, and can be painted a different colour after a number of years should you wish to do so. We carry out all the construction should you wish your hall to be extended or if you would like a new porch built. The Composite Door is available in a range of colours and designs as can be seen from the pictures below. The most popular colours are the following. In addition to selecting a colour that will enhance your entrance, the door can be decorated with hand cut bevel or crystal cut glass, and this can be either double glazed or triple-glazed.

Composite Hall Doors

hall doorsIt is advisable to fit your door with the proper threshold, which will be good and strong and prevent draughts and leaks. Most good professional companies will give you good solid and proper advise on these issues. Remember these doors are built to last a lifetime if properly constructed and installed. Composite Hall Doors are available in a variety of colours and configurations, which can include one or two side-lites and for further enhancement can be dressed with a range of furniture and designer beveled glass.

 Composite doors are now the most innovative product in home improvements. Compared to wooden doors composites have a distinct advantage in almost all major areas. Composite doors tend to have a smaller environmental impact in the manufacturing process as many of the component materials can be derived from recycled or recyclable products, whereas wooden doors require fresh timber to produce.

Thermally Efficient Composite Hall Doors

For most typical installations, the characteristics of composite doors will trump those of wooden ones due to their weather and dent resistance, anti warping, bowing and twisting capabilities and their customization properties.

Composite doors are over 6 times more thermally efficient than wooden doors due to the insulating cores, and can offer enhanced security and protection when compared to wood. It isn’t only about composite doors compared to wooden doors; new composite doors offer benefits when compared to other materials and manufacturing processes of doors. The true beauty of these doors lies in their versatility, cost of manufacture, and the ability to build a product that can provide superior specifications on all levels.