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triple-glazed-unitThe Benefits of Double Glazing & Triple Glazing
No matter what type of home you own or what kind of windows you are installing, double glazing and triple glazing carries a number of important benefits. From superior durability to better energy efficiency, double glazed and triple glazed windows provide a wealth of benefits, helping to keep your home, and your family, safe. In addition to that physical security, double glazed windows provide financial security as well. Double glazed and triple glazed windows are far more energy efficient, and that means lower electric bills for your family and more money in your pocket.

Double Glazing & Triple Glazing – The Environmentally Friendly Alternative
There has been a lot of talk recently about green building and environmentally friendly solutions, but you do not have to tile the roof with solar panels to lower your carbon footprint. Double glazed and triple glazed windows are truly the environmentally friendly alternative, since their greater efficiency reduces the amount of energy you consume.

When you consider that home heating and cooling can account for more than a third of energy usage in the average home, it is easy to see why double glazed and tripleglazed windows can have such a profound impact on the environment. Double glazed and triple glazed windows reduce energy loss, meaning that less of your hard earned money escapes through your windows and more of it remains where it belongs – in your pocket.

French DoorsReduced Noise
Noise pollution is a serious problem, especially for homeowners who live in cities, developments and densely populated suburban areas. Triple glazed windows reduce the amount of outside noise that makes it into your home, making your home a quiet oasis in even the noisiest setting.

When you install triple glazed windows you can relax and unwind, without the constant distractions of noise and traffic from the outside world. If you are looking for a way to improve not only your windows but your quality of life as well, consider the many benefits double glazed windows have to offer you.

Increased Home Value
Double and triple glazed windows can even improve the value of your home by boosting its attractiveness to would be buyers. Home buyers these days are looking for efficiency and value, and double or triple glazed windows provide both. Many buyers specifically look for double or triple glazed windows instead of single pane ones, so your home could have a higher resale value as a result of this simple and relatively inexpensive home improvement project.

In fact, between the energy savings and the increased resale value, you might be able to recoup most, if not all, of the price of the windows. Very few home improvement projects offer the kind of return on investment you can get by double or triple glazed windows.

Safety and Security
Last, but certainly not least, double glazed windows provide superior safety and security for your most important asset – your family. The extra thickness and superior quality of triple glazed windows means that they are harder for burglars to break, increasing the security and safety of your home and deterring would be burglars from even trying to victimize your home and your family.

If you are looking for a cost effective home improvement that adds to the beauty, value and safety of your home, look no further than triple glazed windows. These unique replacement windows provide a host of benefits for your home and your family, and they can pay for themselves in a surprisingly short period of time.

Double and triple-glazing is quite simply two or three sheets of glass which is separated by a silver looking bar called a spacer bar. The spacer bar is filled with a silica gel which is an absorbent, when the unit is sealed the silica gel absorbs any moisture which is left within the unit, thus creating a dry air effect inside.

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The Georgian Village, Castleknock

There are a number of double glazing options in terms of size of units and glass used. The most common sizes for domestic purposes are 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 30mm and of course you can have wider units but this entails using a wider profile which may not be pleasing to the eye.

The units of double glazing can be manufactured using clear float glass or an obscure glass depending on the application. In low level units toughened glass is used for safety reasons and also the same is used for roof glazing.

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Unit Components

double glazing
27 Sandyford Hall View
This installation  on the right has leaded windows with fire escape windows in all bedrooms.

Double glazing has been around since the middle of the last century and initially it was in the form of an internal window which was placed about three inches from the existing one. It was fantastic for offering a measure of sound proofing and also an extra layer of security and in the summer and warmer months it could easily be removed for cleaning purposes and allowing much needed cooler air into the house.

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Thermal Performance

Double or triple glazing your windows today is a must, with the soaring cost of all types of heating and other energy costs it just simply makes sense. The reduction in noise level is so noticeable that you'll wonder how you ever done without it and to complete a double glazing project on the average home takes about 3-4 days.

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