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Sash Windows - Weatherglaze Sash Windows - A-Rated

sash windowsSliding sash windows are fully custom and precision made here in Ireland using the lates in window technology. When you decide to replace your exsiting windows, or select new windows for your new-build home, there are many things to consider like ratings and so on, but for many they like to opt for a window that ads charm to matches the performance of the sash window.

An Sash Window That Is A-Rated

In todays climate homeowners are very concious of the rising cost of heating, and will only consider a high energy efficient sash window that will conserve heat within the home, insulate from wind and rain and allow this wonderful natural energy to work, and to heat your home. Windows are custom made in a variety of colours and are designed to preserve the character and appearance of the traditional sash window that we have all become to know and admire.

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Colours currently available for custom made windows;

  • White, Cream Grain and Rosewood
  • Black Grain, White Grain and Light Oak

All our windows can be made to your specifications, and these include arched windows, tri-angular windows and both clear and georgian using the specifically design Astragal System.
Combine your windows with a selection from the Composite Doors for a complete A-Rated installation.

Sash Windows: What makes them a good option to consider?

Sash windows can add sophistication, charm and elegance to almost any home.  These windows have been in existence in Europe from the sixteenth century. They have been used in the Chatsworth House in England, Victorian and Edwardian homes.
Sash Windows By Robert Hooke
Robert Hooke an English architect originally designed these windows in sash design.  Sash windows are available in three types, horizontal sliding windows, single-hung windows and double-hung windows. The horizontal sliding types come in two sections within the frame of the window and can slide sideways or from top to bottom.  Those with a vertical sash are more common. Those interested in adding a timeless beauty to their abode can use the sliding sash windows. In the case of single-hung windows in sash design, they come in one movable section.  While the top side remains firm, the bottom side of the window needs to be pushed upwards. In many of the older homes where weights, pulleys and cords are utilized for closing and opening, these are common.

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Sash Windows - Timeless Appeal to Any Abode
The double-hung window is most ideal for modern and traditional homes. These windows come with four-over-panes, six-over-six, or nine-over-nine panes normally. In this design both the sections can be opened. Weights and pulleys are well utilized in these windows. UPVC, wood and plastic are the general materials used to make these windows. Wearing out of wooden windows happens after extensive use. The PVC sash windows and plastic ones could break into some fragments.
If you are interested in providing a classic appeal to your home then go in for the wooden ones. If you are looking towards affordability then the variants in UPVC make a good choice. As far as safety is concerned, the windows in double glaze make for a perfect choice. For extra security you can consider the ones with a key locking feature. Conduct some research first on sash windows before buying it.

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