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get a quote for doorsBifold Doors: Why choose them?

Out of all the doors available in terms of aesthetics and functionality the doors that have a significant advantage are the bi-fold doors. For almost any living space, verandah, patio or living room, these doors add beauty to the space. The great thing about them these doors is that it can be customized.

Bifold Doors Advantages

There are many advantages to these bifolding doors. A lot of space is consumed by single doors. In comparison the bi-fold doors needs less space and can be opened conveniently. Rooms are better lit as adequate sunlight is allowed into the room due to the wide doors. Sliding doors are difficult to wipe and clean, but not these doors. Cleaning the glass panes on them is easy. They prove to be a great choice for smaller rooms like breakfast rooms, library rooms or dining rooms. They are extremely cost effective for what you get and allow easy installation.

Bifold Doors - Effect of Larger Space     

If these doors are mirrored then the effect of a larger area can be generated. Maintaining a door in bi-fold design is not at all difficult. If you want to preserve its utility and elegance, then it is better to maintain it regularly. No special skills are needed for repairing bifold doors. Even an inexperienced person can easily manage the repair work. A good cleansing agent and vacuum cleaner can be used. Between the louvers and crevices the dust and dirt can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. The metal track at the top and bottom should be carefully checked while closing and opening and on occasion oiled. Movement could get hampered due to obstructions and dents which will need immediate attention. Before painting the door, a rust inhibitor can be used. You can buy them in aluminum, UPVC, softwood and hardwood. To ensure guarantee on the bi-fold doors make sure to find a good manufacturer and installer. Weatherglaze Designs have been in the industry for decades and are confident and competent in all aspects of bi-folding doors.
Open up your home to the garden or patio by installing the very practical bi-folding door system. Doors are designed to open in or out, slide from left to right or from right to left. The door can be installed in to most openings from 1.8 meters to 6 meters and require very little maintenance. They are available in a range of colours such as White, Light Oak, Mahogany and more.

Choose a New Door for your Home

Doors are a great way to improve a home. For example, adding an exotic hardwood door adds beauty to a front entryway. Installing a door is a big undertaking that takes practice and strength, but a home improvement book or website provides step-by-step directions. Consider these types of doors to improve your home.  


French Doors or Bifolding Doors


Installing  French doors or bi-folding doors makes a room or entryway more elegant because the glass panes in the full length door bring natural light into the home. A beautiful entry into a dining room or an exit onto a rear patio is also a perfect location for double French doors or multi sectioned bi-folding doors. Glass Doors Glass doors are elegant, especially in homes with sunrooms or large lengths of exposure to the garden or patio. A glass door may make the home more prone to burglary. If you have a good security system and a rear yard enclosure, glass doors can provide great views of the backyard. Be sure to ask about low-E glass doors that permit less heat into the home and protect against energy loss. Choosing doors for your home requires research whether you search online for information or ask good questions at the home improvement store. Doors should meet the functional and security needs of your home. Your final consideration is whether to attempt a door installation or to hire someone to help you. Weatherglaze Designs will take care of everything for you.

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